Sustainable Development

EKN promotes corporate responsibility. In its guarantee operation EKN’s considerations include the environment, human rights and labour rights, anti-corruption and the promotion of sustainable lending to poor countries.

EKN's guidelines for environmental and social responsibility are based on OECD's recommendation on common approaches on the environment and social concerns for officially supported export credits.

Dialogue with companies and organisations

In 2011, EKN has held discussions with some of the largest exporting companies in Sweden on how we can continue together to drive development and contribute to increasing the responsibility of the buyer, and on how the product is to be used.

EKN also has an ongoing dialogue with NGOs such as Transparency International, Amnesty International and Diakonia to hear their perspective on EKN's operations.

EKN's Policy and Guidelines

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Karl-Oskar Olming
Africa Representative
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Karin Wessman
Senior Sustainability Analyst
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Sofia Grahn
Sustainability Analyst
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