Country Risk Analyses

The greater the knowledge, the greater the number of viable transactions. Our hope is that EKN's country risk analyses will contribute to the collective knowledge of export companies about the different countries and thereby improve their potential for increased exports.

Over the course of a year, EKN produces country risk analyses for about 25 countries across the world that have the greatest exposure to EKN guarantees. In addition, we publish analyses for other countries depending on the risk development and transaction flow.

EKN started to publish country risk analyses in December 2012.





Egypt Oct 2016


Pakistan Jan 2017
Laos April 2016
Uzbekistan March 2015

Europe & OSS


Middle East 

Russia Dec 2016
Turkey Oct 2016
Russia March 2015
Serbia March 2015
Lithuania Feb 2015


Iran Dec 2016
United Arab Emirates Oct 2016
Saudi Arabia Oct 2016
Iran jan 2016
Iraq May 2015
State of Palestine jan 2015



Latin Amerika



Mexico Dec 2016
Panama june 2016
Brazil April 2016
Chile April 2016
Colombia April 2016
Mexico Feb 2015
Panama Feb 2015