For investments

The investment guarantee covers the risk of loss in connection with an investment or investment loan abroad. The guarantee can be used by anyone who is an investor or a financier of investment loans. This guarantee protects against events that occur from the date when the investment has been fully or partially completed or the payment of the loan made.

The EKN guarantee means you can rest assured that you will be compensated if you cannot dispose of the investment or the payment of the investment loan is not made due to government intervention in the investment country.

Investments that can be guaranteed

You can apply for a guarantee for investments and investment loans that promote Swedish interests. These should be sound investments that contribute to the economic development of the investment country.  EKN offers guarantees for investments in the production of both goods and services.

Examples of investments include shares acquired through capital contribution or capital contributed in kind, licenses or franchises.  EKN can also guarantee the risk of not being able to access the returns.