EKN’s guarantees

Different risks arise during an export transaction. EKN therefore offers guarantees suited for most situations throughout the business process.

Guarantee for export credits are available in different versions, depending on the length of the credit period and if it is an exporter or a bank who offers the credit. We can also guarantee the exporter’s risk of loss if the contract is cancelled by the buyer during the manufacturing period.

Guarantees for contract guarantees (bank guarantees) are used in transactions where the buyer requires a contract guarantee as security, for instance for the contract performance. The seller can insure the risk that the buyer calls on the guarantee unfairly (Guarantee for unfair calling) and the issuer of the contract guarantee can insure the recourse risk on the seller.

The guarantee for bills of exchange and the guarantee for letters of credit share the bank’s risk when the bank discounts bills of exchange or confirms letters of credit.

The working capital credit guarantee and the guarantee for investment credits share the credit risk a bank has when offering loans and overdraft facilities to exporting small and medium-sized companies. Also leasing structures can be guaranteed.

For investments abroad, there is a guarantee for investors and financiers of investment loans. The investment guarantee covers loss due to political events.