“EKN helps us to focus on opportunities”

Japan has been struggling economically for several years, but the telecom sector is an exception. Here Japan is at the cutting edge, and drives development in many ways.

Niclas Jalvinger is CFO of Ericsson Japan.

– I am impressed by EKN’s attention to detail and their professionalism, he says.

– They thoroughly examine everything from technology and the market to the authorities’ focus and how the spectrum is allocated. Decisions are taken on purely business grounds. 

Major contract with Emobile

– We recently signed a major contract with the Japanese company Emobile, which primarily focuses on mobile broadband, explains Niclas. The market is big and there is a steady stream of subscribers. But, in the wake of the financial crisis, the operator found it difficult to finance the rapid expansion.

– We were able to solve the problem when EKN stepped in and guaranteed the transaction.

EKN visits Tokyo

EKN was on site in Tokyo at the start of February 2011.

– It’s ideal that they come and visit us. We want to give them a comprehensive picture of the situation, both opportunities and challenges. They met with customers and resellers, in this recent visit, they also visited a Network Operation Centre (NOC).

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