“EKN is a catalyst and enabler”

– On markets with limited access to free risk capital, EKN plays a vital role in our offer, says Mikael Fridlund, Metso. Their understanding of our needs and our customers’ needs has led to a really successful cooperation.

Metso is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology and know-how for mining, construction, energy and the pulp & paper industries. Mikael Fridlund is in charge of trade and project finance for the Fiber Business Line within the segment, Paper and Fiber Technology.

– With our strong northern heritage, we can offer vast experience

in this field, with tailored and competitive solutions for pulp and paper mills all over the world. Today we can see a clear trend that large pulp production lines are being built in developing markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia, where Brazil, Chile, China, India and Russia are key markets for us.


Since the Metso products mean huge investments, not seldom ranging between 1-1.5 billion USD, the lack of free risk capital in parts of these markets is a limiting factor. The financial crisis in 2008 also

tightened the tap on available risk capital when banks all over the world saw an urgent need to consolidate.

– EKN means, and has meant historically, a lot for our business. I consider them being a catalyst and an enabler – especially when times are tough. The principle of sharing risks is vital for making these large transactions possible.

Increased customer focus

Mikael Fridlund has been working with trade and project finance

for more than two decades and also points out a positive development of EKN over the years.

– I must say we have a great cooperation, with mutual understandings. Their increased customer focus is evident in all our


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Head Office:
Helsinki, Finland

Paper fiber technology

Main markets:
Asia-Pacific, South and Central America, Europe, North America

Metso's need

Access to risk capital for large investments

EKN's solution

EKN shared part of the risk