“Today competitive financing is a must” Safeaero i Trelleborg AB

Safeaero is a world leading developer and manufacturer of aircraft de-icing equipment. The company has pioneered several innovations and is the frontrunner in terms of user-friendliness.

Safeaero is expanding rapidly and today sells equipment to airports and airlines all over the world.

Competition under control

Curt Herrstöm has been CEO of Safeaero for 13 years.

“There are a number of American manufacturers, but the biggest threat is from a skilled Danish player. To be able to take them on, we have to offer competitive financing solutions.”

Operating credit guarantee – a flexible solution

Christer Hansson is relationship manager at Nordea’s office in Malmö, Sweden:

“Safeaero’s turnover totalled SEK 125 million in 2010. A de-icing machine costs between SEK 6 and 10 million, and takes six to seven months to produce. To be able to provide credit facilities on that scale we need security. EKN’s operating credit guarantee takes part of the risk, so that we are indemnified if payment is delayed or defaulted. Thanks to our cooperation, Safeaero’s business runs smoothly.”

Nordea and EKN in close cooperation

“Nordea handles most of the contact with EKN,” says Curt Herrström. “Everything runs perfectly, and I am really satisfied.”

“At Nordea in Malmö we frequently use EKN,” says Christer. “We meet frequently to discuss specific customer cases or generally share information.”


Head Office:

Industri, avisningsmaskiner

Turnover 2011:
SEK 85 million

No of Employees 2011:

Main Markets:
Asia, North America and Europe

Safeaero's needs

Working capital during manufacturing phase

EKN's solution

EKN's working capital credit guarantee