“The more we meet, the more business we do.” Capella Industries AB

Capella Industries designs, produces and conceptualises watch brands for the global market. The largest customers are airlines around the world which sell the products tax-free.

With the daring to be flexible

Capella is growing fast. CEO Jonas Dahlgren believes one of the company's greatest strengths is its flexible approach – there is no wallowing in rules and traditions. Yet they avoid uncertain business deals:

“Many of our customers are state-owned and located in countries with strong economies, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. But with the customer so far away, it is important to have security. I could give many examples of transactions we would not have dared to go ahead with, had it not been for EKN. When we have economic security, we dare to try new things and be flexible in any situation.”  

EKN is with us in our growth

“Our watches are manufactured in China, and the factories always want to be paid straight away,” says Jonas. "At the same time, the buyers require credit – usually 60 days. As we grow, the amounts involved are also increasing and we use bank loans as a solution. With EKN taking on some of the risk, the bank lends more money and we are able to pay the factory and offer the buyer credit.

We enjoy working closely with EKN. As with all business – the more we meet, the more business we do,” concludes Jonas.

Capella Industries AB

Main Office:

Design and manufacturing of watches

Turnover 2011:
SEK 19,9 million

No of Employees in 2011:

Main Markets:
Europe and Asia

Capella Industries' needs

Secure their trade receivables

EKN's solution

Guarantee for trade receivables