Power your export business

With EKN's payment and financing guarantees, you are protected against non-payment and are also in a position to obtain better financing from the bank.

With our guarantees, we want to help you conduct more transactions in your present export markets and also penetrate new markets. You will also be able to offer your customers competitive credit terms.

Every transaction is important to us – we do not impose any size requirements on your export transactions, nor do we demand that you place them all with us. Most of our customers in this group of exporters have less than 50 employees.


EKN's definition of Small & medium sized enterprises

We define the group ‘small and medium-sized enterprises’ as companies with up to 500 employees or with a turnover of up to SEK 1 billion.


Carl-Johan Karlsson
Director of Business Area
+46 8 788 01 46, +46 705 15 44 20

Margaretha Bergman
Deptuty Director of Business Area
+46 8 788 00 20, +46 768 08 68 28