Processing of personal data

Below you can read about how EKN processes the personal data we collect via our website and that we otherwise manage as part of our operations.

Data protection officer (DPO)

EKN is controller for the processing of personal data carried out as part of EKN’s operations and on its website If you have any questions, please contact EKN’s DPO, Eva Kullberg Tideman at

What is personal data?

Personal data is all types of information that can be directly or indirectly related to a living private individual. Examples of personal data are name, identification number and e-mail address. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) contains rules governing the way that personal data may be processed.

Read more about GDPR on the Swedish Data Protection Authority website.

Lawful grounds

Under GDPR, all processing of personal data must be based on a lawful ground.

Public interest

A fundamental lawful ground for processing of personal data at EKN is that EKN performs a task carried out in the public interest. Guidance to ensure that EKN carries out personal data processing in the public interest may be found in EKN’s instructions and EKN’s public service agreement.

Examples are given below from section 2 of the EKN Instructions Regulation (Förordning (2007:1217) med instruktion för Exportkreditnämnden), showing when EKN performs tasks in the public interest.

Section 2: In particular, EKN must:

1. determine whether the prerequisites for granting a guarantee are met;

7. provide information about forms of guarantee offered by EKN and about the general requirements and conditions applying in order to be granted a guarantee;

8. monitor international developments within EKN’s sphere of responsibility.

Some extracts are also given below from EKN’s public service agreement (EKN:s Regleringsbrev), illustrating when EKN performs tasks in the public interest:

  • EKN should promote Swedish export by issuing guarantees.
  • EKN should collaborate with other actors promoting Swedish export, and be presented as part of Sweden’s overall efforts to promote export.
  • EKN should continue the initiative to increase awareness of its services among small and medium-sized enterprises.

Legal obligation

In some cases EKN processes personal data because it has a legal obligation to do so, e.g. under the Accounting Act.


In some cases EKN processes personal data on the basis of consent. Consent must be given voluntarily and the data subject must be able to withdraw their consent at any time. Consent must be clearly distinguishable from other text and information. Consent is given in writing or orally.

Purpose of processing

EKN processes personal data in different situations. EKN processes personal data in accordance with the Freedom of the Press Act (1949:105) and the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400). For instance, personal data that are provided to us are processed so we can:

  • process guarantee applications
  • assess relevant parties, e.g. guarantee-holders and purchasers
  • process loss claims
  • manage recruitments and job applications
  • communicate information about EKN’s offering
  • invite people to events
  • order reports, etc.
  • manage purchases from suppliers
  • manage e-mails
  • preservation of official documents according to applicable archive legislation.

Your rights

Right of access

Once each calendar year you have the right to receive, free of charge, a copy of information about the personal data about you that EKN processes. EKN has the right to charge a reasonable fee for administrative costs for any additional copies of personal data. EKN provides the information in an electronic format if the request is made by electronic means.

Right to request rectification

You have the right to request rectification if EKN has processed/processes personal data about you incorrectly.

If you consider that EKN’s processing of your personal data is in breach of GDPR, you have the right to complain to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

Contact details Swedish Data Protection Authority
Telephone number: +44 8 657 61 00


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