For buyers in Swedish export transactions

Also the buyer in a transaction benefits from the EKN guarantee. With the guarantee, it is easier to obtain financing. An export credit also diversifies a company’s loan portfolio and reduces the use of the credit limit you have in your bank.

The exporter, or a bank financing a Swedish export transaction, is the applicant and holder of an EKN-guarantee. The guarantee facilitates financing and makes it possible for the exporter to offer better credit terms. Both a Swedish company and a non-Swedish company can be the exporter in a transaction guaranteed by EKN. Our requirement is that the export transaction is related to Swedish exports, directly or indirectly, and that it is of benefit to Sweden.

Banks financing larger Swedish export transactions with a loan to the buyer, a buyer’s credit, can turn to state-owned Swedish Export Credit Corporation, SEK, for attractive funding.

Documentation needed

There are a number of things that you as a buyer can do to speed up the EKN guarantee process. One example is to provide the exporter with all the necessary documentation early in your transaction process. This is especially important regarding financial information, ownership structure, and, if relevant, information on environmental and social risks or conditions. You can also send this information directly to EKN.

For further information please see the brochure available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese or contact us.



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